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Storage Containers

Mobile Mini is focused on providing our customers with the most secure and convenient portable storage containers. What sets Mobile Mini containers and units apart from the competition is our patented locking system, strong steel construction, quality appearance, and the fact that we deliver our containers directly to you. Our self storage containers, shipping containers, and mobile offices are available for rent or purchase and our prices are always competitive.

Mobile Mini Onsite, Secure Storage Containers

Features of a Mobile Mini Onsite, Secure Storage Container

    Tri-Cam Locking System
    The patented Tri-Cam Locking System® provides bank vault security for your precious valuables and most important documents. Interlocking bars secure the top, bottom, and sides from the inside, giving each secure storage unit vault-like security.

    ContainerGuard Locks
    The ContainerGuard Locks® features a hidden six-piston tumbler system and is made from 100% hardened steel to provide ultimate protection for your belongings in our secure storage units.

    Premium Doors
    The premium door option provides one-hand opening for easy access to the inventory, supplies, and equipment. No need to bend, twist, and navigate dual connecting external security bars as the premium door offers a waist high single lever.

    All Steel Construction
    Unlike some storage container providers, the ISO certified Conex containers are made with an all steel shell providing the most secure option for protecting a business's valuable assets. If it is worth storing, it is worth storing securely.

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