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Mobile Mini Tank + Pump Solutions is a Dynamic Water Pump Rental company Focused on Providing the Best Quality Pumps & Equipment Available Anywhere

Underground mines tend to allow water to permeate through rock which is then collected (like a pool) in underground mine shafts and tunnels.  This water build up can be dangerous to your job site safety and we highly recommend using one of our Extreme High Lift  diesel-driven centrifugal pumps to remove all the water. Mine dewatering pumps are used to pump excess mine water to the surface for disposal. Centrifuge pumps are used for shallow mine applications, but our piston pumps can be used in deep mines where pressure requirements are greater. Our piston pumps are more resistant to the abrasive characteristics of the coal and other dust particles in the collected water. Complimenting these include our diverse rental fleet of Extreme High Lift diesel-driven centrifugal pumps and stainless steel pumps, designed for pit dewatering, long distance or high elevation product discharge and for pumping product with high or low pH levels.  Several models of our High Lift pumps are capable of discharge pressures in excess of 260 psi (600’ TDH).  These rental units are uniquely suited for use in a number of mining-specific applications. Mobile Mini Tank + Pump Solutions also has the aluminum or HDPE pipe and fusion machines to accompany these pumps, providing the right system to get the job done.

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